Blogging, Expression, and Freedom of Speech


I have a lot to say but:

  • I don’t always know how to organize it into words.
  • I don’t always have the time to write it down.
  • I don’t always have the motivation to write it down.
  • I don’t always have the energy to write it down.
  • I can’t always remember the thought or idea I had.
  • Thoughts are always moving at a million miles a minute.
  • There isn’t always time to do proper research.
  • Inspiration is fleeting.


I have owned since 2009 and it has never really been a true “blog”. I have always used the domain as part of my email address and as an afterthought my website would come and go. It can be a daunting task to try and shit out articles on a regular basis without direction, subject, or motivation.

As I start venturing back into this again I am trying to fall into a rhythm of making posts that are interesting to me, even if no one is around to read them. Because truth be told, you will more than likely not have an audience in the beginning. You (and I) need to make content that draws in an audience, content that you are passionate about works best because you can actually write about it in a meaningful, heartfelt manner.


With that being said you also need to understand what kind of an audience you want to attract. Originally I wanted to write about technology and Linux but my life is more than that. I want to talk about:

  • Photography
  • Cinematography/Film Making
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Economics
  • My Pet(s)
  • Etc….

In the world of “blogging” that’s considered a no-no as you are not targeting a niche and being too “broad” but I don’t make money doing this. It’s not my career. I do it as a form of therapeutic self-expression. As a way of conveying my thoughts and ideas to the world without censorship.

Personal Web Site

Although I have a Facebook account to keep in touch with friends and family I don’t actually use it because as a platform I don’t like it very much. The same goes for Twitter (which I am starting to use) and Instagram (which is another can of worms I’ll go into later). I view a personal website as a necessity that everyone should have in order to actively control their presence on the web. It allows an individual to curate their footprint and manage what they do with their personal information. It doesn’t matter if this website is on:

All that matters is that you control the Who, What, When, Where, and How, of the content you are posting. With that being said, on a hosted Content Management System (CMS) like SquareSpace you don’t really have as much control over your content as you would if you self-hosted a WordPress installation. There are restrictions on the kind of material you can post on a hosted CMS, and for most that will not be an issue, it will be for some people. Also note the Terms of Service on some of these hosted platforms, what rights do they have to your content, and can they use your content to market their own service. These are just some things to keep in mind.

Conclusion (TL;DR)

In this modern world it is important that we standup for our privacy and freedom of speech. We much stand up and take control of our digital footprint. With the advent of social media, having a personal website (and the importance of it) fell by the wayside in favor of people using “easy: and “turnkey” social media websites. Let’s break that mold! Secondly your personal website or “blog” will bot have an audience in the beginning and truth be told, my never actually have an audience depending on what you do with it, what you publish, and the intent behind it. And That is ok, you do you, boo! With that being said, if your goal is to attract people, know the audience you want to attract, and create targeted content, and if you fake it by talking about a topic disingenuously your readers know.

Note #1:

Fuck Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I know that Yoast SEO for WordPress hates the way I write content because I use long unending sentences with a fuck ton of commas (I abuse the Oxford comma). My point being, write however you want to because it’s your voice, your views, your opinions, see what I’m doing here? People are not dumbasses and will be able to “read” your content, unless it’s just unintelligible gibberish, in that case there’s a bigger issue.

Note #2:

You also don’t need a fancy word processor, this whole fucking rant is being written in Notepad++ and formatted in WordPress. I hate fucking fancy editors and prefer plain text editors (I work in them all fucking day).

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