Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera with Flash

I had the honor of experiencing XP 2 in a small versatile disposable camera. I love that format as it allows you to ignore the technicalities of using a camera that actually has settings. I took photos in a variety of locations below I have included both indoor and outdoor photos, all indoor photos were taken with flash. I especially love the photo of my dog with is cone on, it was taken right after his neutering. Also, I love the four landscape photos, three of which trail off into the distance. The second of the landscape photos has the moon in it actually on the upper left side between two of the power lines. It didn’t come out with a lot of detail but in all reality, I didn’t expect it too. Overall, I like this film, it’s pretty moody and I like the contrast, to me it looks more genuine than taking a full color photo and desaturating it in Photoshop. I hope you guys enjoy.