Therefore I Am Dapper

Dapper By Day is my series on the modern post COVID-19 societal interpretation of dapper. Ranging from casually dapper to formally dapper. Were going to cover all aspects of Dapper, ranging from health, lifestyle, “style”, and habits. I believe that the ideas of fashion and style have to be looked at in a holistic manner and not one of pure vanity.

1: neat and trim in appearance
2: very spruce and stylish
3: alert and lively in movement and manners

The word dapper encompasses a holistic approach to the concept of style and in itself is pretty vague yet expansive. This vagueness gives us room to play around, try new things, new looks, new interpretations of ourself while maintaining dapperness. With that being said, I believe that dapper extends beyond appearance and mannerisms, also encompasses health, diet, sanitation, daily habits, and our thought processes.

I am not sure yet how I want to divide the topics into easily digestible sections but I am working on it. Together we are going on a journey to become the best that we can be. You may find that I approach some topics as a germophobe but I assure you I am not. Also please note that as a non binary person, I approach gender and lifestyle from a very fluid perspective may or may not make some people uncomfortable.

None the less this is going to be absolutely fun!

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