Coffee The Juice of the Gods

Coffee – the finest organic suspension ever devised. It’s got me through the worst of the last three years. I beat the Borg with it.

— Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager

Coffee is a transcendental experience in a cup. It’s there to help perk you up in the morning, keep your blood caffeine levels satiated so you don’t go into withdrawals and become a monster, and of course to socialize. Coffee is no different than any other mildly addictive substance. It’s the perfect dink for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It complements hanging out with friends, accentuates date night, caps off a night of drinking, and of course perks you up on a cold dreary winter day. Did I mention it makes you poop? Because it totally makes you poop.

Coffee snob art thou?

By no means am I a coffee snob, my preferred method of brewing coffee is to use my handy dandy BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. I has the following features: It turns on, you can program it to turn on, it turns off after two hours. The best part is I bought it for about $20. I use a grinder that is a ten year old cheap Proctor Silex (This is the closest I could find, mine is even older than this one.) that works like a champ and refuses to die. My point being I’m not a super picky person, but I can tell the difference between a good cup and a piss poor cup of coffee.

The Bean

Yo, so check it out, if I’m in a pinch yeah I’ll drink Folgers or Yuban, its not “good” but it will get the job done. Now if your looking for a great cup of coffee I like to get my beans from Boca Java located in Denver, Colorado. The beans are super fresh and roasted only after they are ordered, then the beans are cooled and immediately packaged and shipped. I highly suggest the bananas foster float and deep blueberry flavors and the Boca Mocha Java blend if you don’t like flavored coffee.

Side note, every time you change the flavor of your coffee, please remember to thoroughly clean your grinder and the basket that holds the coffee filter as well as the carafe as that can hold onto the flavoring oils and cause cross contamination.

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