I have more or less finished moving my website from SquareSpace to WordPress. I did this transition because I decided that I didn’t want to pay $200+ for a year of SquareSpace hosting. Overall I am happy with the transition, the About, Résumé, and Education page were easy to move. With WordPress I also have a media manager compared to SquareSpace where the media manager kind of sucks and is very inflexible.

SquareSpace was a great platform and was easy to use and for the most part very intuitive. I do believe that SquareSpace has some really terrible SEO and with the transition to WordPress SEO should be noticeably better. One difficult part of transitioning over was finding a theme that matched the feel of my old one and I found tis current one meets all of my needs. I am using VPS Dime as my hosting provider and this VPS is currently living in Dallas, Texas. The VPS consists of a LAMP stack on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I have to say I have already added 9.60 GB of media and I added a real nice Syntax Highlighting plug-in as well as a plug-in that makes it easier to insert recipes.

In a few more days I will be done customizing the site and I should have everything where I like it. One thing that excites me the most is that I am now completely in charge of my data and media. This means I can be as raunchy and X rated or as tame as I want and no service can shut me down. This also means that I completely own my content. Thusly you folks, my readers can expect more content on a regular interval.