I have been working on creating a GitHub repository for all of my helper scripts and Perl and Python codes. I have created the base repository and call it Pineapple (https://github.com/barchuleta/pineapple). As time goes on I will populate Pineapple with scripts and codes as well as breaking them down into individual blog posts. This will allow me to home a bunch of skills at once including documenting and pushing myself to learn new stuff.

As time goes on I hope to share my scripts and helper programs as well as home my skill as a programmer. I have already prepped this website with a nice syntax highlighter and I have some ideas in regards to tutorials I want to place on the site. Some of these tutorials are going to be related to systems administration and others will revolve around pet projects and software/problems/solutions that interest me. I also want to start to incorporate maps and analysis data for issues that interest me, see my Education page for more details. The goal is for parts of this site to become a living portfolio around all the crude and lewd blog posts. As a renaissance person I feel it’s important to showcase all facets of your interests and skills. Please stay tuned as I start to populate the repository, I am thinking about how I am going to create its internal folder structure.